Russian Sambo Wrestling

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Dynamo Sambo Wrestling – Weekly Training Classes

  • Monday – 6pm – 8pm at Maryhill Glasgow
  • Thursday – 7pm – 9pm at Broomielaw Glasgow

The History of Sambo:

Wrestling in Russia developed independently from other countries. Strength, adroitness and endurance were long admired characteristics in heroes and thus all festive gatherings ended with a wrestling contest.

The importance of wrestling in the training of warriors cannot be underestimated. In those years battles were in character of armed combat in which strength, adroitness and endurance played a decisive part in winning a battle. Sometimes the threat of war could be solved by the duel between two warriors, usually the best wrestlers. So in the Lavretiev Chronicles (993 AD) narrating the raid of the Pecheneg Prince offered Prince Vladimir of russia a duel between two wrestlers instead of a battle. Price Vladimir agreed and the russian wrestler strangled the Pecheneg wrestler with his bare hands.

Sambo wrestling is about the will to win, fitness, courage, strength, quickness and adroitness. Training in Sambo helps sportsmen to gain the ability to defend themselves without having to resort to weaponry.

Thus Sambo wrestling is an excellent sport for anybody in the field of self-defence and with one that I am proud to be affiliated with.

 Vadim Kolganov- Russian Coach of Sambo Wresting,
Master of Sport: Central Academy of Sport, Moscow 1989- 1991