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Russian Sambo DVD with Vadim Kolganov

Sambo Wrestling 2 on 1 Grip DVD with Vadim Kolganov

I have two Russian Dynamo Sambo instructional dvds available to buy. Both dvds are instructed by myself Vadim Kolganov.


My original dvd filmed in Devon England this dvd covers strength & conditioning, partner drills, throws & take downs, submission techniques.

SAMBO 2 on 1 GRIP (DVD2)

Vadim Kolganov (Master of Sport), presents his latest DVD on the 2 on 1 Grip. This DVD demonstrates the unorthodox method of grip known as 2 on 1. The DVD covers the use of Grip and Hip-Bump Drills, throws and takedowns. Essential skills for anyone wishing to improve their techniques and become proficient in the art of Sambo.

See Vadim in action on one of many tv and dvd recordings. Here is a clip showing Vadim instructing combat training filmed in a Russian forest for American TV channel Discovery show Human Weapon.